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Grades 1–12

About River Tech School

River Tech School is designed to offer a full program from first grade all the way through college, including elementary school, middle school, high school, dual enrollment, and college coaching. We are currently accepting school kids ages 8-13.

You can choose to enroll your child in our five days (recommended) or four days (Mon-Thu) program. School lasts from 8.30 am-2.30 pm. 

What Does "Competency-Based" Mean?

A child that signs up for our 1–12 program, is enrolled in five "tracks": (1) Math-track, (2) Composition-track, (3) Life-track, (4) Tech-track, and (5) Arts-track.

Each track has four levels of competency. A student begins at a level and proceeds to the next level when he has mastered the level he is at. This competency-based method replaces artificial "grades" and allows each student to learn at their own pace.

If a student excels at a subject, they can move faster, and if they find a subject harder they can move slower. Read about the tracks here.

What is School tuition?

You have two options...

Option 1: You can sign up for 5 days a week, 8:30–2:30 pm, for $575/month.

Option 2: You can sign up for 4 days a week (Monday-Thursday), 8:30-2:30 pm, for $525/month.

Registration costs $120.

School Tuition for 5 days a week is  $6900/year. To make the monthly tuition as low as possible, tuition is spread over twelve months. I.e. tuition is paid twelve months per year which comes to $575/month.

School Tuition for 4 days a week is  $6300/year. To make the monthly tuition as low as possible, tuition is spread over twelve months. I.e. tuition is paid twelve months per year which comes to $525/month.

For students beginning in September, the first tuition is to be paid before July 25th, and every month after. (I.e. July 25th, August 25th, September 25th, etc.). For students beginning in the middle of the school year, two months' tuition is to be paid initially. 


The reason you pay an extra month initially is because there are many start up costs when a students begins (such as desks, school books, and other equipment/materials).


You can also choose to pay for the entire school year all at once, before July 25th, with a 5% discount. For 5 day students it comes to $6555. For 4 day students it comes to $5985. 

You must set up automatic payments, either through our website, or you can have your bank send monthly checks. If you send checks, make them our to River Tech, and mail them to 1517 E 1st Ave, Post Falls, 83854, ID. (Do not send them to the school address).

Still got questions? Feel free to contact us at

Important Links

1. Top ten reasons River Tech is right for your child, here.
2. Read about the five "tracks" (i.e. our curriculum), here.
3. Read about Tuition here.
4. See Schedule here.

5. Learn about Enrollment here.

Feel free to send questions to


Christ the Redeemer


Our children learn in an atmosphere of Christian charity, and learn to see the world through His eyes. 

American Flag


Every child should be raised to love their country, the constitution, and our God-given liberties.

Children Playing Outdoor

Small Classes

The Idaho average is one teacher per 18 students. River Tech averages one teacher per 9 students. 

Small Child with Large Glasses


At River Tech, each child learns at their own pace, in a truly individualized competency based program. Homework is likewise individualized for each student.

Electronic Circuit

Tech Focus

River Tech emphasizes S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Your child will learn programming, robotics, 3D-modeling, game development, sound engineering, videography, etc.

Music Class

Arts Program

River Tech offers a premiere arts program with choir, band, and drama. For example, every child will have the opportunity to learn to play the recorder, piano, and jembe. We will create music videos, studio albums, musicals, concerts, talent shows, festivals, etc.

The Death of Socrates

Prepared for Life

Along with a fantastic Tech and Arts program, we teach the classics, history, philosophy, business, entrepreneurship, psychology, and more.

Architectural Plans

College Coaching

River Tech is designed to offer a full program from kindergarten all the way through college. We teach you how to get an accredited Bachelor's degree for less than $10,000 by age 18.

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Rave Reviews

Children and parents alike love our school (as do our teachers). If you have any doubts about our school, find a parent or child and ask them. We have managed to create a school environment that we all love.

Teacher with Pupils

5 Days/Week

Other private schools in the region only offer 4-Day programs. River Tech offer both a 5-Day program and a 4-Day program. Choose what fits your family best.

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