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River Tech is a Christian school

River Tech Elementary is run by The River Church, Assemblies of God, Post Falls, ID. Our teachers' personal faith saturate their personality, worldview, and interaction with students.  We pray, sing songs, and welcome God's presence in our midst. 

What it Means & What it Doesn't Mean

We will not be treading on eggshells to avoid speaking about God. On the other hand, River Tech is a school, not a church, so our main emphasis will be teaching academic subjects. We will do our best to avoid controversial subjects and leave that to parents to decide how you wish to share. Yet, you should be aware that a Christian, conservative worldview is what is being promoted at River Tech Elementary. 

Being an Assemblies of God run school, we honor the presence of the Holy Spirit equally with the Father and Son. It means it is as natural for our teachers to talk about the Holy Spirit as it is to talk about Jesus Christ and the Father, being co-equal and co-eternal—one in essence, nature, and power. Feel free to contact our school principal, Dan Hegelund with any questions:

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