At River Tech each child learns at their own pace. 


Each student enrolls in five "tracks"*:
(1) Math-track
(2) Composition-track
(4) Life-track, and
(5) Arts-track.

We also have P.E., field trips, etc.

Each track has four levels of competency.


A student begins at a level and proceeds to the next level when he has mastered the level he is at. This competency based method replaces artificial "grades" and allows each student to learn at their own pace.


If a student excels at a subject, he can move faster, and if he finds a subject harder he can move slower.  A child can be at different levels in different tracks.


Read a brief summary of our five tracks below. For additional details, and full curriculum, click 'view more' under the track you wish to learn more about. 

Math Exercises


Level 1: Addition & Subtraction

Level 2: Multiplication & Division

Level 3: Pre-Algebra

Level 4: Algebra

We use text books such as Abeka Arithmetic and Mammoth Math, as well as living books and games.

Smiling Girl with Book


Level 1: Reading & Telling Stories
Level 2: Writing Book Reports

Level 3: Essays & Grammar
Level 4: College-style Essays

We use Abeka, "God's Gift of Language" and Bauer's "Writing With Skill."


Girls Building Robot


Level 1: Building and Programming

Level 2: Robotics and Geometry
Level 3: Sound and Videography
Level 4: Physics

This track has a lot of hands on, learning by doing, projects, and playing.


Educational Gardening


Level 1: Bible, Geography, and Biology
Level 2: History, Social Science, and Entrepreneurship
Level 3: History and Geography.
Level 4: Psychology, Leadership, and Team Building.

We use a variety of quality resources.


Music Class


Level 1: Choir, Music, Drawing

Level 2: Band, Drama, and Concerts

Level 3: Dance, Musicals, Production

Level 4: Production, Gardening, Cooking

We have a phenomenal arts program that includes recording, production, and performing. 

Soccer Player


This isn't a track, but once a week, Wednesdays at 10:20am-1.10pm, we set aside three hours for good old fun. Fresh air, sports, field-trips, games, etc. This is intended to help build friendships, community, and health.