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River Tech is an independent Christian K–6 School & Homeschool Resource Center opening September 2021 in 1687 E Horsehaven, Post Falls.

River Tech K–6 is an independent Christian kindergarten & school in Post Falls, designed to offer a full program from kindergarten all the way through college by 2023. River Tech is currently enrolling kids ages 5-12 in our K-6 program. We plan to increase the age range every subsequent year.

2021, K–6, for ages 5–12 

2022, K–7, for ages 5–13

2023, K–8, for ages 5–14, plus college coaching.

Right now, for the spring and summer, we offer several FREE classes. Check them out here.

With competency-based learning, each child learns at their own pace, while also having the benefits of a positive social environment. Building on a foundation of a conservative, Christian worldview, students receive the social & academic education necessary to succeed in life.

While technology is the largest subject at River Tech, rest assured that we offer the highest quality education in composition, arts, history, and so on. River Tech provides a well-rounded education for the heart, soul, and body.

Children Heaping Hands


At River Tech each child learns at their own pace.

Students at River Tech enroll in five "tracks": (1) Math-track, (2) Composition-track, (3) Life-track, (4) Tech-track, and (5) Arts-track. Each track has four levels of competency. A student begins at a level and proceeds to the next level when he has mastered the level he is at. This competency-based method replaces artificial "grades" and allows each student to learn at their own pace.

If a student excels at a subject, they can move faster, and if they find a subject harder they can move slower. Read more about our five tracks here. 

We also offer several extracurricular classes that are open to the community, such as choir, martial arts, HEMA, etc.

Building a Robot


In today's world, S.T.E.M is important to everyone.

Here at River Tech we do not imagine that  every child should become an engineer. Everyone can benefit from a strong tech base. Even careers that are not normally associated with tech—say, a historian or a musician—benefit from being confident and at home in a technological world.

There is plenty of room for artists to thrive at River Tech, too. In fact, we have a spectacular arts-program (read about it here). With that being said, Tech (or S.T.E.A.M.) does takes up the largest part of the curriculum here at River Tech, with ample opportunity to learn everything from videography and sound engineering to programming and robotics. 

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The world may shake, but your child won't.

In a world that sometimes seems to spiral out of control, River Tech can provide stability. Christian, conservative, team-building, visionary, and leadership developing, at River Tech your child will discover purpose and meaning.

Our teachers possess a contagious joy, clarity, and hopefulness that will propel your child to take on life with renewed faith and optimism. We invite the Holy Spirit to fill our days with peace & joy as we celebrate our place in God's world  (Romans 14:17).

Our curriculum is tailored to cultivating competency, mastery, and confidence in God, in themselves, and in their community, so our students can face tomorrow with their heads and hearts lifted high. Read about our teachers here. Take a closer look at our curriculum here. Read about our beliefs here.

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Dan & Mary Hegelund

Dan Hegelund, principal at River Tech, holds a B.S. and M.S in Political Science. Dan is a professional vocal coach, choir director, music director, etc. He has thirty years of experience teaching and producing music and will be heading the River Tech Arts department. Expect concerts, musicals, studio recordings, music videos, choir trips, talent shows, music festivals, etc. River Tech will have a fabulous arts program.

Mary Hegelund holds a B.S. and M.S. in Education and will be leading River Tech Kindergarten. She has worked at a preschool & kindergarten and as a homeschooler of three children. Mary loves teaching children team building, teamwork, and leadership skills.  

Dan & Mary are also missionary pastors at The River Church, Post Falls.

Jordan Ezell

Jordan Ezell holds a B.S. in Game Development and a degree from Master's Commission in Biblical Studies. Jordan loves creating board games and video games, and can't wait to teach our students how to create their own games. Jordan Will be heading the Tech Department at River Tech. Expect your kids to learn programming, robotics, 3D animation, videography, sound engineering, game development, etc.  River Tech will have an outstanding tech program.

Jordan and Megan are also community group pastors at The River Church, Post Falls.

Guest Teachers

On a regular basis, River Tech will invite successful guest teachers to give a master workshop in a relevant topic. This could be a successful entrepreneur in how to start your own business, a professional musician in how to make it in the music industry, or a missionary to a third world country about the importance of compassion and charity.