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Beginning with the end in mind, when students are done with Tech-track at River Tech, what should they know?

Physics, and so much more. Besides physics, our students also learn geometry, programming, robotics, 3D modeling, 3D printing, engineering, videography, sound engineering, and website design. If you want your child to master technology, River Tech is your choice.

You can see a detailed curriculum here.


When will my child start learning physics?

Other schools wait with introducing physics until high school, because their students do not know the required math. A student at River Tech is ready for Physics, when he has learnt Algebra. For some that will be in when they are 11, for others when they are 14. It depends on how their math is going. What’s great about River Tech’s approach is, we stay with a concept for as long as it is necessary to master it, and then we move on. There is no pressure to learn slower or faster than what comes natural to each child. That’s the brilliance of competence-based education.

A Girl Looking at a Pendulum Model

What is taught at each level of Tech-track?

Level 1: Building Geometry, Block-based Programming (Scratch), VEX Go robotics, Film Production.


Level 2: Geometry, Python (Godot), VEX Iq robotics, Film Production, Sound Engineering.


Level 3: C++ (Unreal Engine), VEX V5, Film Production, Sound Engineering, Web Design.


Level 4: Physics, Enginnering.

Electrical engineer working on circuit b

Mandatory One-Time Expense

Device: Students are required to buy and bring their own personal laptop or tablet for classes (unless you already have one that meets the requirements). Read more about it under Does Tuition Include Textbooks.

Zooming on Tablet

What curriculum is used for Tech-track?

Tech track is different from Math, Composition, and Life, in that Tech is largely a practical, hands-on, experimental subject. Tech is something you primarily do, not read about. We will be building robots, building websites, and building rockets. That being said, we will have accompanying tutorials, courses, books, and, of course, teachers who will be there to help and inspire our students. Once we get to physics, we will use Khan Academy, plus experiments.

Engineering Sketch

I see you offer Physics at level 4, but what about Biology and Chemistry?

While we are introducing real physics in our Tech-track, we do not offer high-school-level biology and chemistry. We do give our students a little taste of biology and chemistry in our Life-track. In 2021, River Tech only offers Kindergarten and Elementary School. However, we do have plans to offer "college coaching" later (nothing to announce at this time).

Plant Biology
Tech Curriculum

Detailed Curriculum

Level 1

Focus: 2D & Blockbased programming

Level 1 
—Building with Geometry
—Scratch programming
—VEX Go robotics


Level 2

Focus: 3D & Python

Level 2 


—Python programming
—VEX Iq robotics


—Sound engineering

Level 3

Focus: C++

Level 3
—C++ programming

—Vex V5 robotics


—Sound Engineering



Level 4

Focus: Physic, Innovation & Enginnering

Level 4



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