If I were enrolling my children in a private school I would like to feel assured that the school principal and teachers will be a positive influence, espousing the highest virtues of moral fiber and excellence. To help you feel confident in the quality of our staff, I have posted some references and reviews.

Over the course of my music career, I have had the privilege of working with dozens of music professionals. Here is what a few of them have to say.

I have also received over 500+ written reviews from past students. You can read them here. 


I have been privileged to witness Dan’s superb instructional and performance skills. Not only is Dan a talented vocalist/pianist, but he is also a caring and genuine person. His passion for teaching and student engagement has fostered some of the highest student retention rates among of all of my instructors. Dan is creative and caters each and every lesson to the specific needs and goals of the student. His positivity and energetic spirit is refreshing and a breath of fresh air.


It is a rare combination to find someone so talented, yet so humble, outgoing, and kind. Dan is honest and has the highest of integrity. He gives 110% every day, every lesson, every student, every time. As you can see, I give Dan Hegelund my highest recommendation. I will forever be grateful God allowed our paths to cross. He is a very special person, and anyone would be lucky to work with him.

Dr. Jessi Jumper

Owner of Voice In The Valley Music Academy

Dan Hegelund is able to reconcile an atmosphere of love to people. I know of no one more favored than Dan when it comes to bringing this healing atmosphere. 


Dan is a top grade professional in every way. There are few people that are more passionate and committed to their purpose in life. Dan goes above and beyond for people to ensure their success in life. He is incredibly gifted, patient and successful in teaching and training and encouraging people in their talents and their gifting. 

I can't recommend anyone more than Dan. Dan is a delightful person who makes everyone's life better by his presence. I cannot say enough great things about Dan. He is extremely polished and professional. He has a can-do attitude, and always goes the extra mile.

Dan Tapia


Dan Hegelund is an absolutely gifted music teacher and vocal coach! I have watched Dan lead and teach multiple bands of amateur vocalist and musicians and produce incredible results. Dan enthusiasm for his craft is inspiring. He has an energy about him that motivates others to be better.


Dan's knowledge of music theory and decades of experience allows him to pin point what students are struggling with and he has the technical skills to then coach them through it in a clear and direct manner. The best part of about Dan is his hunger. He’s passionate about developing himself and those around him. He is also extremely hard working and punctual. 

Gerrit Hoeks

Executive Pastor, CCS

I have had the privilege of working on the TV-project, "Clash of the Choirs” with Dan Hegelund for seven weeks. He has impressed me greatly with his knowledge, his pedagogic skill as a choir director, with his voice, his commitment, and his love of music. He is always full of energy and a contagious joy, without ever loosing an eagle’s perspective. 


Besides his incredible specialized skill in gospel music, both as a soloist, producer, and choir director, Dan has demonstrated a breadth, curiosity, and flexibility in working together with other musicians and participants in this project. It is my pleasure to recommend Dan as a motivated and engaged music professional.

Henrik Rongedal

Vocal Artist & Producer

I have worked with Dan Hegelund on the Christmas Spectacular music project. After checking many references – and websites – interest in Dan Hegelund arose because his large, dynamic, engaging choirs had been presented on European TV and other concert settings. Dan proved that he has the gift of inspiration and can engage his choir in such a way as to bring out the very, very best of their qualities. Our Cast and audience alike all loved Dan and his choir. 


Dan has an anointed gift to inspire, engage, and involve other people in a way that brings out their best qualities. Dan works well with all ages and skill levels, whether it be with individuals, teams, and large productions. Dan has arranged and taken part of large studio, television, and concert production, making an expert in his field. I am pleased to give Dan Hegelund my strong recommendation as an experienced music professional. 

Sanford Wright M.D.

Neurosurgeon and Producer

I have known Dan for many years through the various projects that I have either seen or been involved with Dan organizing. Dan has not just a passion for music, but a passion for people and the desire to see them work together as a unit. He has had successes with every ensemble, young and old, he has either worked with and, most importantly, put together. 


What has impressed me about him is that he is definitely a man who knows what he wants and goes about the right way in how to get it. He has always put people first. I have been totally blessed by seeing how, with all that he does, he makes time for his family. He has the most adorable family, from the time I have known his wife, Mary, I have seen how she has supported him every step of the way.

Jnr Robinson

Vocal Artist & Producer

500+ reviews

Dan Hegelund has received over five-hundred positive reviews from his students at Udemy and TakeLessons—the overwhelming majority being five-star reviews.

By Grace T. on 1/7/2020

I was impressed with my first lesson with Dan. He adjusted lessons according to my needs. Will continue to take lessons with him. Thank you. 

By Rick C. on 3/20/2020

Dan is awesome! Love his teaching technique. 

By Logan M. on 1/31/2019

Dan is an incredible coach. I enjoyed the lessons I took with him and learned alot. I look forward to working with Dan in the future.

By Georgia on 12/5/2018

My daughter is enjoying her lessons! Dan is great. 

By Junho on 11/9/2018

Great first lesson! I’m super happy with how much I got out of my very first lesson. Looking forward to future lessons.

By Minh N. on 9/15/2018

I have zero music background. After a lesson with Dan, the amount of knowledge that I learned from him makes a huge different of what I can do after just 1 lesson. I can’t wait for more lessons. Dan is also very friendly and knowledgeable. 

By Emiliya on 7/6/2018

Very kind, and intuitive , knows how to approach working with children . Pleasant , funny and inspiring at the same time .

By Paul on 5/24/2018

Although Dan has extensive experience with professional singers as well as choir, he is a great teacher for beginners as well. I am learning a lot and enjoying every lesson.

By Stephanie on 5/16/2018

Dan is a fantastic teacher. He listens to my questions and answers them clearly. Dan is very patient while I learn and challenges me to keep advancing. I would highly recommend Dan.

By Logan M. on 8/23/2018

Dan is great! He’s very friends and engaging and has helped me make big improvements in my voice in a small amount of time.

By Charlie on 7/26/2018

Dan is wonderful with our twin 11 year olds. He quickly got them very engaged and enthused to sing.

By Delon P. on 7/23/2018

Very friendly and professional.
Step by step detailed instructions for young age beginner.

By Daniel C. on 5/16/2018

Dan is an awesome instructor - and teaches not just from the music but from the heart. It's not only the mechanics but the ART - and Artistic presentation of music counts!!!

By Glen on 2/9/2018 

I intend to study more with Dan in the future. He is focused, insightful,
and passionate about communication through music and about helping
others to find our most authentic voice. Lessons with Dan have been wonderful.

By Angela B. on 11/20/2017

Very helpful and super fun personality!!

By Mich ta on 10/16/2017

Dan is an amazing teacher. He makes class fun and is very patient with a beginner like me. In just a few lessons he has helped me improve tremendously. My husband even noticed and commented how better my singing is. If you are unsure, book him and you will be glad you do!

By Emily Zachariasen on 9/7/2017

He is the best voice teacher ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Theresa D. on 7/16/2017

I had my first singing lesson with Dan in person, and he was awesome. Already, I can tell I have found a very good teacher to help me on this new journey.

By Hannah on 6/30/2017

Dan is a very energetic and dynamic instructor. He uses clear analogies to explain his reasoning in terms my daughter could understand. Looking forward to learning lots more from Dan!

By Vlad on 6/13/2017

Great instructor. His goal is for you to succeed and understand effectively.

By Andy on 6/2/2017

Dan is a very good instructor and coach ... I'm making satisfying progress.

By Andy on 6/2/2017

Dan is a very good instructor and coach ... I'm making satisfying progress.

By Jaclyn on 5/16/2017

I can't say enough about Dan. I was nervous signing up my 5-year-old for singing lessons online because I didn't think it would be engaging enough to keep his attention. Dan is not only engaging, but patient and and works great with my child. Thank you Dan!


By Jonathan L. on 5/6/2017

Dan is a great teacher who pay attention to details and take lot of efforts to make proper different arrangements for my two boys who are at different levels of skills. As my son Jonathan mentioned, Dan makes piano lesson lots of fun!

By Viviann on 5/4/2017

Dan is a great teacher. Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and easy to work with.

By Daniel C. on 4/15/2017 

Dan has been a lot of fun - and he is definitely pushing my skills. I'm getting better week by week and his input and guidance is really valuable. It has been a combination of classical and learning to play by ear too.

By Lea G. on 4/8/2017

It was wonderful Lea really like her lesson and can't wait till the next one. Dan is great at teaching her and she understands what he is telling her. Thanks Dan. Truly happy.