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Our family moved from Silcon Valley, CA to Post Falls last Fall. Our daughter is attending the University in Seattle and helps take care of her brother when she's home. Our 9 year old boy Talon loves to build and create in his spare time, his dream is becoming an entrepreneur. Talon also loves to play basketball, guitar, drawing, marshall arts, singing and running. He also enjoys playing a variety of board games and wants to learn how to play football so he can watch with his father.

My husband Tyrone is a lifetime resident of the San Francisco Bay Area and was encouaged to be an English major by his senior English teacher, which he promptly rejected in favor of a computer science degree. After working many years for fast-paced high-tech companies in the Silcon Valley, hubby returns to his English-major aspirations and recorded our son's dream in a story and published his first children book "Orbs and Forces" which is available through Amazon. Our son in turn found daddy's book fascinating. Tyrone also has a passion for road biking, football and musicals.

Tian's home town is Beijing, China and my full-time job is in hardware regulatory compliance engineering for a AP wireless compnay and meanwhile, I have a side entrepreneurial business in ageLOC brand, partnering with a Science based company to maket our innvoated Nutrition and Skincare products in 54 countries globally. I'm currently expanding the business in this area and would love to share this wonderful opportunties with others who are open to learn. I also love to hike, read and take long walks in the park.

We look foreward to getting to know the Rivertech school and raising our younger boy Talon through this wonderful community.

Tian W.

Tian W.

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