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Beginning with the end in mind, when students are done with Life-track at Rive Tech, what should they know?

Life-track is the broadest subject at River Tech, encompassing everything from biology and social science to Bible and psychology. We want our students to succeed in life, once they leave school. To know the world: its geography, history, and culture. Also, how to start a business, apply for a job, and do your taxes. To develop fortitude of character, life-skills, team-building, leadership, entrepreneurship, faith, etc.


What is taught at the different levels of Life-track?

Level 1: Bible, Geography, and Science.


Level 2: History, Social Science, Entrepreneurship, and Science.


Level 3: History and Geography.


Level 4: Psychology, Leadership, and Team-Building.

Compass Pointing North

Life-track sounds like a combination of many subjects; is that the case?

Yes. Life-track is unique in that it combines many different subject into one track. So, in Life-track you have geography, biology, history, philosophy, psychology, social science, entrepreneurship, economics, etc. All leading towards real-life preparedness.

Geography Lesson

What curriculum is used for Life-track?

For history, we use Susan Wise Bauer’s “Story of the World,” Little History series (E.H. Gombrich, et al), Kids Animated History with Pipo and other documentaries, plus living books. 

For philosophy, we use Philosophy Rocks! (Stephen Law et al), A Little History of Philosophy (Nigel Warburton), Crash Course in Philosophy (YouTube), and Mere Christianity (C.S. Lewis).


For science we use a vast variety of books, such as Enjoy Your Cells by Fran Balkwill.


For social science, we use The Tuttle Twins.

For psychology, Psychology for Kids.

For geography, National Geographic Kids Beginner’s World Atlas, etc.

Feel free to ask for additional examples at

Camel and Pyramids

Detailed Curriculum

Still being developed.

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