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Including dual enrollment and college coaching

At River Tech High School students are empowered and equipped for life after graduation. 

River Tech High School aims to provide the absolute best experience for our high school-aged children. We have taken the best elements from public and home education and improved on both. Read on to see how River Tech High School is right for your child.

Tuition for 5 days/week is $599/month, and for 4 days/week it's $549/month.

Academics and Dual Enrollment

Graduating from River Tech High School is generally only possible if you have attended all four years at River Tech. (You can typically only enter River Tech High School as a Freshman, i.e., 9th grade). We offer a five days & a four days per week program. 


River Tech uses the industry-standard Carnegie Unit to define credit hours. Each credit hour corresponds to a minimum of 1 hour of student engagement per week for a 36-week school year. This time may be spent on discussions, readings and lectures, study and research, and assignments.


Idaho State Board of Education requires:

  • Complete a senior project

  • Take nine (9) credits of Language Arts/Communications

  • Take six (6) credits of math

  • Take six (6) credits of science

  • Take five (5) credits of Social Studies

  • Complete a Government and Civics Proficiency

  • Take two (2) credits of Humanities

  • Take one (1) credit of Health/Wellness


River Tech High School requires a total 50-52 credits (also called units), as follows (see schedules here):

  • Take nine (9) credits of Language Arts & Communications

    —English (9 credits)


  • Take eight (8) credits of math

    —Pre-Algebra w. Geometry (4 credits)

    —Algebra w. Statistics (4 credits)  


  • Take sixteen (16) credits of Science & Technology

    —Coding (6 credits)

    —Digital Arts (2 credits)

    —Robotics (2 credits)

    —Film Making (2 credits) 

    —Biology (1 credits)

    —Chemistry (1 credits)

    —Physics (1 credits)

    —Scientific Literacy (1 credit)


  • Take sixteen (14-16) credits of Humanities & Social Studies

    —Performing Arts (1-3 credits)

    —Drawing (2 credits)

    —Leadership & Character (2 credits)

    —Foreign Language, Geography, and Culture (2 credits)

    —U.S. History (1 credit)

    —Government & Civics (1 credits)

    —World History (1 credit)

    —Personal Finance (1 credit)

    —Literature, Great Books, World Classics (1 credit)

    —Christianity, Religions, and Philosophy (1 credit)]

    —Critical Thought, Philosophy, and Debate  (1 credit)            


  • Take three (4) credits of Health & Wellness

    —P.E., Calisthenics, and Cross Country Running (1 credits)

    —Martial Arts (2 credit)

    —Health/Nutrition (1 credit) [MAR1]


  • *Complete a freshman (9th grade) essay project, a sophomore (10th grade) essay project, a junior (11th grade) essay project, and a senior (12th grade) essay project.


  • **Complete a freshman (9th grade) coding-project, a sophomore (10th grade) coding-project, a junior (11th grade) coding-project, and a senior (12th grade) coding-project.

College Coaching

We also encourage dual enrollment and we offer college coaching. As an example, imagine that a child is ahead in English and has successfully finished level 4; then we encourage said child to take a college course, Composition I, while still doing her other regular tracks. 

A student who is dual-enrolled will continue to receive teacher support. In fact, a student who is dual-enrolled will continue attending classes much unchanged. The only difference is that when said student has a college course, they will go into a classroom with the other students who are doing college courses, and there will be a teacher to guide and oversee.

Besides this day-to-day assistance, we will also offer overall strategic assistance and advice with picking the right college, degree, student aid, etc. This assistance will—again—be individualized.

Report Cards & Grades

River Tech High School will have a quarterly report card.  


For some subjects, like Math and English, there will be three types of grades: (1) Written Skill, (2) Verbal Skill, and (3) Effort. Example:


MATH: Written Skill: B Verbal Skill: A Participation: C Average: B


Other subjects, such as Robotics or Piano, will just have two grades and an average. For example:

ROBOTICS: Skill: B Participation: C Average: C+


If you consistently contribute, study hard, and work extra at home, your grades will go up. If you consistently are absent, disrupt, and don’t study, grades will go down. For clarification, the average is what will go on the High School Diploma and Transcript.

Social Life & Memorable Experiences

Now that we have talked about academics, let's move on to what we all loved about high school—fun, memorable moments. River Tech High School provides many enjoyable opportunities throughout the years, in a safe non-alcoholic environment, including trips, camps, parties, projects, etc. 


Schedule 2023-2027

‎Final Schedule 2022-23.‎001.jpeg

For High School — U.S. History, 1 credit

1. A Little History of the United States, by James West Davidson, 325 pages.
2. A.P. US History Crash Course, by Larry Krieger, 352 pages.

3. Review Videos by Marco Learning:
4. Relevant Biographies from "Political Theories for Students" (Thomson Learning) and PragerU:

  • 1: Celebrating Columbus (PragerU) 

  • 2: Hiawatha (Political Theory for Students)

  • 3: What's the Truth About the First Thanksgiving? (PragerU)

  • 4: What Was Revolutionary About the American Revolution? (PragerU)

  • 5. What Made George Washington Great? (PragerU)

  • 6. The Genius of Thomas Jefferson (PragerU)

  • 7. James Madison: The Great Pragmatist (PragerU)

  • 8. James Madison (Political Theory for Students)

  • 9. Hamilton: The Man Who Invented America (PragerU)

  • 10. Benjamin Franklin and the Self-Made Man: Making America (PragerU)

  • 11. John Adams: American Founder and Second President (PragerU)

  • 12: Andrew Jackson: The People’s President (PragerU)

  • 13: Andrew Jackson (Political Theory for Students)

  • 14: America's 2nd War of Independence (PragerU)

  • 15. If We Lose John Locke, We Lose America (PragerU)

  • 16: John Locke (Political Theory for Students)

  • 17: Was the Civil War About Slavery? (PragerU)

  • 18: How Lincoln Changed the World in Two Minutes (PragerU)

  • 19: Lincoln and Thanksgiving (PragerU)

  • 20: Reconstruction: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (PragerU)

  • 21: The Inconvenient Truth About the Democratic Party (PragerU)

  • 22: WWI: The War That Changed Everything (PragerU)

  • 23: Herbert Hoover: Success or Failure? (PragerU)

  • 24: Franklin Roosevelt: The Great Depression (PragerU)

  • 25: The Bigger the Government... (PragerU)

  • 26: Is Fascism Right Or Left? (PragerU)

  • 27: Churchill: The Man Who Saved the Free World (PragerU)

  • 28: Franklin Roosevelt: Preparing for War (PragerU)

  • 29: Franklin Roosevelt (Political Theory for Students)

  • 30 Pearl Harbor: A Day That Lives in Infamy (PragerU)

  • 31: D-Day (PragerU)

  • 32: Was it Wrong to Drop the Atom Bomb on Japan? (PragerU)

  • 33: Who Is Karl Marx? (PragerU)

  • 34: Why Isn't Communism as Hated as Nazism? (PragerU)

  • 35: Why Did America Fight the Korean War? (PragerU)

  • 36: Why Did America Fight the Vietnam War? (PragerU)

  • 37: The Truth about the Vietnam War (PragerU)

  • 38: Lyndon B. Johnson (Political Theory for Students)

  • 39: What Was the Cold War? (PragerU) 

  • 40: Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator (PragerU)

  • 41: Ronald Reagan (Political Theory for Students)

  • 42: Margaret Thatcher: The Woman Who Saved Great Britain (PragerU)

  • 47: (56) How the Iraq War Was Won and Lost - Estimated Year: 2000s This episode offers insights into the Iraq War, analyzing the decision-making process, military strategy, and the consequences of the conflict for both the United States and the region.

High School Meta Schedule River Tech 2023-2027, 1.0, 5_16_23 2A.001.jpeg
High School Meta Schedule River Tech 2023-2027, 1.0, 5_16_23 2B.001.jpeg
High School Meta Schedule River Tech 2023-2027, 1.0, 5_16_23 3A.001.jpeg
High School Meta Schedule River Tech 2023-2027, 1.0, 5_16_23 3B.001.jpeg
High School Meta Schedule River Tech 2023-2027, 1.0, 5_16_23 4A.001.jpeg
High School Meta Schedule River Tech 2023-2027, 1.0, 5_16_23 4B.001.jpeg
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