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Including dual enrollment and college coaching

River Tech School is designed to offer a full program from 1st grade all the way through college, including high school, dual enrollment, and college coaching. 


We have a few spots open for ages 8-13. 

If a child is accepted he will be able to continue through high school and college coaching as he gets older. The elementary and middle school are already up and running. We will launch a high school of performing arts & technology in 2023.

River Tech High School aims to provide the absolute best experience for our high school-aged children. We have taken the best elements from public and home education and improved on both. Read on to see how River Tech High School is right for your child.

Academics and Dual Enrollment

River Tech High School continues the same five tracks as in middle school: (1) Math, (2) Composition, (3) Tech, (4) Life, and (5) Arts. Only by now, your child will be in level 3 or 4 in most subjects.

We also encourage dual enrollment and we offer college coaching. As an example, imagine that a child is ahead in English and has successfully finished level 4; then we encourage said child to take a college course, Composition I, while still doing her other regular tracks. 

College Coaching

A student who is dual-enrolled will continue to receive teacher support. In fact, a student who is dual-enrolled will continue attending classes much unchanged. The only difference is that when said student has a college course, they will go into a classroom with the other students who are doing college courses, and there will be a teacher to guide and oversee.

Besides this day-to-day assistance, we will also offer overall strategic assistance and advice with picking the right college, degree, student aid, etc. This assistance will—again—be individualized.

High School Diploma

To receive a high school graduation diploma and transcript from River Tech High School, a child must be at least 16 years old* and must have attended River Tech School for a minimum of four years.

In addition, the child must fulfill one of the two following requirements (A or B):

(A) Must have completed a minimum of 15 accredited college credits, or...

(B) Must have completed level 4 of all five Tracks, including achieving a yet-to-be-set number of level 4 badges (more on badges later).

* A child can begin taking college courses before then. Our son, Luke took his first college course when he was thirteen years old.

Social Life & Memorable Experiences

Now that we have talked about academics, let's move on to what we all loved about high school—fun, memorable moments. River Tech High School provides many enjoyable opportunities throughout the years, in a safe non-alcoholic environment, including trips, camps, parties, projects, etc. Plus extracurricular classes, specifically tailored for high school-aged students.

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