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[S3E10] Magic ((BETTER))

Twilight unintentionally snaps at Celestia for bringing Discord to Ponyville; her friends each have their own reservations about this as well. The princess understands the risks and explains that she has a use for Discord's magic if it can be reformed to serve good instead of evil, and entrusts Twilight and her friends with that very task. Twilight is still unsure but supposes that, should things get out of hand, the Elements of Harmony could be used to imprison Discord again. As a precaution, Princess Celestia has even charmed the Elements to be immune to Discord's trickery. Celestia then asks where Fluttershy is, believing her to know best how to begin reforming the spirit of chaos.

[S3E10] Magic

At first, Fluttershy is hesitant to accept such a task as great as reforming Discord, but Celestia's trust in her gives Fluttershy some confidence. The princess takes her leave for Canterlot and leaves the rest to Twilight and her friends. They harness the power of the Elements of Harmony to set Discord free, and upon awakening, Discord wastes no time in transforming nearby woodland creatures with his magic, playing it off as stretching. He reveals that he was consciously aware during his imprisonment and laughs off the idea of being reformed, especially the ponies' faith in Fluttershy, considering he is impervious to her "Stare". But Twilight makes clear the conditions of Discord's freedom: behave, or it's back to being frozen in stone. Discord relents to these conditions, but not before entrancing a group of beavers behind the ponies' backs, and resigns himself to crashing at Fluttershy's cottage for the duration of his rehabilitation.

Discord comes before the returned Princess Celestia and with a bow, officially announces to her that he's willing to use his powers for the forces of good, adding a glum "most of the time" under his breath. Celestia congratulates the ponies on a job well done, but she leaves the Elements of Harmony with Twilight just in case. Twilight comments on how the princess was right about Fluttershy all along: that she would be the one to find a way to reform Discord. Treating Discord as a friend made him realize how important friendship was to him, and once he had it, he didn't want to lose it. After some encouragement from his friend, Discord states (very quickly) "Friendship is magic." Fluttershy claims that Discord can be a real sweetheart underneath. However, the others give expressions of uncertainty.

Jourdan: The idea is to give kids and their trusted adults the tools and language to bring mindfulness and meditation into their daily lives. Every episode will feature original music stories and a deep dive into the magical mindful toolbox.

Liz has brought Phoebe backstage and the class finds her there. While they attempt to provide her sunlight, Ms. Frizzle stalls the audience, Liz transforms the bus to a crane, and uses it to open the skylight to expose the sunlight to Phoebe. As she struggles to make any food, the play starts to where a boy named Jack (Wanda) lived in poverty with his mother (Keesha). Phoebe then feels the water coming into her roots and stem. The play continues with Jack selling the cow (Ralphie and Arnold) in deference to his mother to make money. Ralphie and Arnold then remind Phoebe that she needs air and to open the holes inside her leaves to breath it in. As the play continues, Jack decides that instead of selling the cow, he should trade it for magic beans offered to him by a peddler (Tim). Unfortunately for Phoebe, she can't feel the sunlight. When comes the part where Jack's mother gets mad at him for bringing only beans back and throws them out the window, Keesha reminds Phoebe to use her chloroplasts to suck in the sunlight. But she struggles and Ms. Frizzle then gets to the part where the beanstalk grows overnight. So the class reminds Phoebe to open up her leaves, but she is too scared to do so. So Keesha encourages her to do so and she succeeds, growing as high as the building.

After magic is legalized in Camelot and Morgana is appointed Court Sorceress, it is soon time for their Beltane celebration. Morgana has been having prophetic dreams, but this time, she'd rather have Gwen by her side than have her executed.

Alucard struggles against the magical binds. Taka and Sumi believe he has been playing with them, not teaching them any magic or how the castle moves. Alucard can't believe that his students have betrayed him. Before they can stake him, he uses his mental connection to his sword and slits their throats. Alucard can't help but grieve. As he enters the castle after gathering food, he darkly remarks to himself that if he wanted to keep visitors away, he could have put up some signs like "Do Not Enter", "Danger Of Death", or "Abandon All Hope", but "this seemed to work well enough, for dead old dad." - referring to the fresh corpses of Taka and Sumi, impaled on stakes outside the front door. 041b061a72


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