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The Best Way to Get NiMassiveKeygenCrackPatch for NI Massive in 2021


NiMassive is a powerful and versatile software synthesizer that can create a wide range of sounds for music production. It uses wavetable synthesis, which allows you to morph between different waveforms and create complex and dynamic timbres. It has three wavetable oscillators, two filters, four envelopes, four LFOs, and a modulation matrix that let you shape and modulate your sounds in various ways. It also has a variety of effects, such as distortion, reverb, delay, chorus, and flanger. You can browse through the presets that come with NiMassive or create your own presets and assign them attributes. You can also use the macro controls to automate and perform your sounds in real time.


In this article, we showed you how to use NiMassive to create your own synth sounds. We covered the basics of the interface, the oscillators, the filters, the modulation, and the effects. By following these steps, you should be able to make your own presets and tweak them to your liking. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. NiMassive has many more features and possibilities that you can explore and experiment with. We encourage you to dive deeper into NiMassive and discover its full potential.

How to Learn NiMassive with Online Tutorials

If you want to master NiMassive and create your own synth sounds, you may benefit from watching some online tutorials that teach you the basics and the advanced techniques of this plugin. There are many tutorials available on YouTube and other platforms that cover different aspects of NiMassive, such as the interface, the oscillators, the filters, the modulation, the effects, and the presets.

Some of the best sources for NiMassive tutorials are:

  • ADSR: This website offers over 600 free NiMassive tutorials that show you how to make various types of sounds, such as basses, leads, pads, plucks, and effects. You can also find tutorials on how to recreate the sounds of famous artists and genres, such as Flume, Lorde, Future Bass, Dubstep, and Trap.

  • Production Music Live: This website offers a full online course for NiMassive that takes you from the very beginning to the advanced sound design. The course covers all the features and functions of NiMassive, as well as some tips and tricks to make your sounds more professional and unique. You can also find some free tutorials on their YouTube channel that show you how to make specific sounds, such as Future House Bass, Tropical House Pluck, or Chillstep Pad.

  • Loopmasters: This website offers a complete guide to NiMassive that explains all the synthesizing technology included in this plugin. The guide delves into all the main stages of subtractive synthesis, covering the oscillators, filters, modulators, and effects. You can also learn how to use NiMassive for different genres and styles of music.

By watching these tutorials, you can learn how to use NiMassive effectively and creatively for your music production. You can also get inspired by the sounds and presets that are demonstrated and apply them to your own projects.

How to Get More Presets for NiMassive

NiMassive comes with over 1300 presets that you can use for your music production. However, if you want to expand your sonic palette and get more sounds for different genres and moods, you can also download or purchase more presets from various sources.

Some of the best sources for NiMassive presets are:

  • Native Instruments: This is the official website of NiMassive's developer. Here you can find some official expansions for NiMassive that contain 150 customizable presets each. These expansions are tailored for specific genres or styles of music, such as Stadium Flex (trap, EDM, pop), Nocturnal State (underground techno), or Spectrum Quake (bass music).

  • Loopmasters: This is a website that offers a large collection of sample packs and sound libraries for various plugins and genres. Here you can find hundreds of NiMassive presets that cover different styles and categories, such as Deep House, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Ambient, Cinematic, or Hip Hop.

  • ADSR: This is a website that offers a wide range of sound design products and services for various plugins and genres. Here you can find thousands of NiMassive presets that are designed by professional sound designers and producers. You can also find some free presets that are updated regularly.

By getting more presets for NiMassive, you can have more options and possibilities for your music production. You can also learn from the presets and see how they are made and tweaked. b99f773239


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