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Bosch Kts 200 Start Center Cracked

Bosch KTS 200 Start Center Cracked

The Bosch KTS 200 is a diagnostic tester that can be used to perform various functions on vehicles, such as reading and erasing fault codes, displaying live data, performing actuator tests, and coding modules. The device comes with a software called ESI[tronic] Startcenter, which contains a database of firmware updates and vehicle information. However, the software requires a subscription and a password to access the database and update the device. Some users have tried to crack the software and bypass the subscription, but this is not recommended for several reasons.

Risks of Cracking the Software

Cracking the software may seem like a tempting option for some users who want to save money and use the device without limitations, but it comes with many risks and disadvantages. Some of the possible consequences of cracking the software are:

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  • Legal issues: Cracking the software is a violation of the terms and conditions of Bosch and may result in legal action from the company. Bosch has the right to protect its intellectual property and sue anyone who infringes on it. Cracking the software may also be considered as piracy, which is a criminal offense in many countries.

  • Technical issues: Cracking the software may damage the device or render it unusable. The software is designed to work with specific hardware and firmware versions, and any modification or alteration may cause compatibility issues or errors. Cracking the software may also introduce viruses or malware into the device, which may compromise its security and functionality.

  • Quality issues: Cracking the software may affect the quality and accuracy of the diagnostic results. The software is constantly updated by Bosch to include new features, bug fixes, and vehicle data. Cracking the software may prevent the device from receiving these updates or cause it to receive corrupted or outdated data. This may lead to incorrect or incomplete diagnoses, which may harm the vehicle or endanger the driver.

Benefits of Using the Original Software

Using the original software that comes with the device is the best way to ensure its optimal performance and reliability. Some of the benefits of using the original software are:

  • Legal compliance: Using the original software is in accordance with the terms and conditions of Bosch and does not violate any laws or regulations. Bosch respects its customers' rights and privacy and does not collect or share any personal or sensitive data from the device.

  • Technical support: Using the original software allows the user to access technical support from Bosch in case of any issues or questions. Bosch has a team of experts who can provide assistance and guidance on how to use the device and troubleshoot any problems. Bosch also offers warranty and repair services for its products.

  • Quality assurance: Using the original software ensures that the device receives regular updates and accurate data from Bosch. The software is tested and verified by Bosch to meet high standards of quality and safety. The software also provides comprehensive and detailed diagnostic reports that can help the user identify and fix any issues with the vehicle.


The Bosch KTS 200 is a powerful and versatile diagnostic tester that can help users perform various tasks on vehicles. However, cracking its software is not advisable, as it may result in legal, technical, or quality issues. Using the original software that comes with the device is the best way to ensure its proper functioning and benefit from its features. For more information about the device and its software, please visit [Bosch's website].


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