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Where To Buy Napa Valley Mustard

Seasonal beauty comes to bloom in Napa Valley. Between February and March each year, Wine Country burgeons with exquisite shades of yellow thanks to the blossoming mustard plants blanketing the open valley. Reserve an iconic hot air balloon ride, and from the lofty perspective, enjoy fields of yellow punctuated by some of the area wineries and the dramatic grey-green mountain backdrop.

where to buy napa valley mustard

Nematodes are pesky microscopic worms that cause damage to the roots of the vines which leads to vine decline. Being from the Brassicaceae family, mustard contains chemical compounds that act as a biofumigant. These compounds are called glucosinolates that when combined with water, chemically break down to a compound called isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates have nemacidal and fungicidal properties which make them perfect for preventing and suppressing nematodes in the vineyards. To make it simple, nematodes hate the bitterness of the mustard so filling the valley with mustard only makes sense. Aside from being an organic way to control these harmful pests, planting this cover crop also helps to protect our environment because there are no harmful chemicals being sprayed in the vineyard.

We just wanted to share with you a quick video from the Napa Valley. This was shot last week on an overcast day. Most of the vines around the valley are embraced by vibrant rows of mustard flowers, bringing the dormant vineyards to life!

Having visited Napa Valley several days prior with my family during Valentine's Day, I couldn't keep staring at the vibrant mustard flower. I came back later in the week with my son during a rain storm in order to get the nice, diffused light which makes for more vibrant flower photography. The only regret I had was that I lost a tripod leg somewhere in the vegetation and couldn't find it after an hour of searching for it.

The Napa Valley Mustard Celebration is a valley-wide event that is celebrated from late January through March. This is the time of the year where the wild mustard paints the valley floor with a vibrant blanket of yellow. Come visit the valley with its colors ablaze, and special events throughout the months.

Mustard flower serves primarily as a ground cover crop springing up between vineyard rows up and down the valley, but this cover crop has an unwitting dual-purpose as it puts on a dazzling display of beauty, capturing the hearts and minds of many a photographer and artist, visitor, and resident. Whether one is a professionally trained photographer or a novice with a smart phone and an Instagram account, the flowering mustard among the vines most certainly creates a picture-perfect memory.

Find more news and information about the Napa Valley Mustard Celebration here. Learn more about the many other events and activities throughout the entire Napa Valley at

For the ultimate mustard tour around Napa Valley, start in American Canyon at the Newell Open Space Preserve, where the expansive bloom transcends your favorite screensaver. Then work your way up through Washington St. in Yountville just south of Joan of Arc Church for countless queues of mustard and vines. Next head to Silverado Trail and drive along the Napa River for a different perspective and find a bench on the Oat Hill Main Trailhead in Calistoga to truly soak in the scenery. Be sure to pack your wide-angle lens; a full list of photo ops and more information can be found on the Visit Napa Valley website.

Sonoma's Carneros Valley has a cooler climate than other parts of the county, making it perfect for pinot noir and mustard flowers. The best view of the valley is from Gloria Ferrer Vineyards, where you can enjoy sparkling wines and Spanish tapas on a terrace overlooking mustard fields. (Gloria Ferrer Vineyards) 041b061a72


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