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122 X Netflix Cookies.rar PATCHED

Basically charge as much as netflix and amazon but only give you 720p or standard def on some stuff as standard and you have to pay more money for them to provide you with a 1080p image but you can also get 5.1 surround sound if you pay extra. No UHD unless you actually have sky TV box.

122 x Netflix Cookies.rar

@rjejr Good then ill pay that hahahaha. To be fair to disney, their streaming service is one of the best I've used, whatever can be 4k is 4k, we also get the Imax versions of films and the layout is top notch, on par with netflix, followed by amazon for its content but amazon layout is god awful to find things esp when its mixed in with the pay or rent content. All 10 times better than the now tv 041b061a72


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