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Mondays, 11:15–12 pm. at River Tech,
1687 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls.
Free of charge.

Do your kids love to sing & act? Join our musical production: The Lion King. It's FREE. In the style of One Voice Children's Choir, for ages [able-to-read-and-sing] –13 years old. 


Our choir director is a professional vocal coach with 30 years of experience directing choirs.

Just show up! Mondays, 10.30-11.15 am. Free. Contact:


River Tech Children's Choir
Mon 11:15-12:00

River Tech Children's Choir is part of River Tech K-12 Arts Program. You do not need to be a student at River Tech to be in the choir. The choir is open to the community and FREE.

River Tech Children's Choir is a mixed choir (for girls and boys) directed by Dan Hegelund in the style of One Voice Children’s Choir. For ages (able to read) -14. Children must be able to read the lyrics. 

What is a rehearsal like?

Emphasis on team building and memorable moments.

We warm up with canons, ostinatos, partner songs, descants, vamps, and countermelodies, with the goal of learning to sing in parts. 

The emphasis is on developing vocal and performance skills. Singers will be pushed to their limit, with Dan Hegelund using his experience as an award-winning vocal coach to draw out the best performance in each singer. Yet, always with a smile on his lips.

We will regularly be working on recording albums, music videos, and concerts.


Who should join the choir?

While we do not have auditions, we ask parents to be honest about whether their child can: 
(1) read  
(your child must be able to read choir lyrics)
(2) sing  (only enroll children who have a passion for singing)

(3) focus  (choir practice lasts 45 minutes)

You are welcome to try once to see if your child likes it. Mondays, 11:15-12:00 pm.

About the choir director

Directed by professional vocal coach & choir director

Our choir director is a professional vocal coach with 30 years of experience directing choirs. Dan Hegelund has performed internationally with choirs on television, radio, studio productions, and in venues like the Presidential Palace of Ukraine, before the Latvian Cabinet, and televised talent show Clash of the Choirs.  If you believe your child has a future in music, consider enrolling him/her in River Tech K-12, as we will have a very strong arts program, as well as learning useful skills that are relevant to the music industry, such as film-making and sound-engineering.

Read more about K–12 here.

Show up to your first rehearsal at River Tech Elementary, 1687 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls, ID 83854 at 11:15-12.00..

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