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Beginning with the end in mind, when students are done with Arts-track at River Tech, what should they know?

They will be able to play multiple instruments, sing in parts, act, draw, digital arts, etc. If you want your child to develop creativity, River Tech is your choice.

You can see a detailed curriculum here.

Music Class

What kind of drawing will be taught?

We will teach both traditional and digital arts. In digital arts we will first learn 2D art in Inkscape, then 3D art in Blender. In traditional art, we will learn to draw using geometrical figures, then various techniques (shadow, depth, perspective), the color theory, painting, composition, and human anatomy. 

Person Drawing Anime Sketch

What if my child is not artistic at all.

We doubt this will happen, but were it to happen we would direct such child to sound engineering, lights, and videography.

Sound Equipment

What instruments will you teach?

We will give our students the opportunity to learn the recorder, piano/keyboard, drums, bass, and ukelele/guitar. As well as playing in band and singing.

Child Playing Piano

What about acting?

Yes, there will be plenty of opportunities for performing and acting. We will put on plays, musicals, concerts, talent-shows, and choir trips. We will also produce albums and music videos.

Planned Musicals:

2022 Summer—The Jungle Book

2022 Winter—Annie

2023 Summer—The Lion King

2023 Winter—Frozen

2024 Summer—Aladdin


What books are used?

The Arts-track is mostly a hands-on practical track with very few books. That being said, there will be a few music books on sight-reading, music theory, etc.

Book of Chords
Arts Curriculum

Detailed Curriculum

Level 1

Focus: Beginner

Level 1 
—Inkscape 2D digital arts
—Drawing with geometrical figures
—Learn to play instruments (recorder, piano, drums, bass, guitar)

—Learn to sing (choir)

Level 2

Focus: Elementary

Level 2 

—Blender 3D digital arts

—Drawing techniques (shade, depth, perspective)
—Learn to play instruments (recorder, piano, drums, bass, guitar)




Level 3

Focus: Intermediate

Level 3






Level 4

Focus: Advanced

Level 4



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